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In the year 2022, I was pleasantly surprised by the findings of a survey that I had conducted. The results revealed a common set of queries that were frequently asked by a majority of women.

  • How do I start a business easily with no money and no ideas?
  • what are some Best Business Ideas Under ₹50,000?
  • I am a housewife. Which business is best for me?
  • How to Start an Online Business and Find Success?
  • I want to scale up my business. What techniques will help me?

Let's meet Sonali Kothari


Homemaker to Dreamlife Designer

Each day, I wake up with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm, knowing that I can make someone's life a little bit easier or happier.


When nothing was working, the only thing that kept me going & growing was my belief that “this can’t be the end of my story. There must be a meaning behind my existence."

Life was good on paper. I have a good home, a car, a loving & caring family, etc. But there was something that made my nights restless......

What drives me

My Mission

My mission is to help ambitious women to REBUILD HER IDENTITY & REWRITE HER STORY so that, one day, when she look back, she must feel, Wow! What a fulfilled life I had lived.

My Vision

Encourage every ambitious women I will ever met in my life to uplift herself and live life on her own terms by being WHO SHE IS.

My Values

Ambition, Growth, Courtesy, gratitude, Freedom, and Making a difference.

My Belief

I believe, Every woman deserves to live her Dream Life. When a woman settle for less, it means she has not discovered her purpose yet. Even a great strategy can't work, if the purpose is missing.

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Life has so much to give you Are you ready to receive?

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