Laboratory Manual – Computer Programming


  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software.
  • Basic understanding of working of computer

Course Outcomes: Students will be able to

  • Understand the basics of a computer system.
  • Understand basic and advanced operations of Microsoft Excel.
  • Demonstrate various operations of Microsoft Excel.
  • Understand and Demonstrate basics of programming in C.
  • Understand and Demonstrate decision constructs, looping constructs and basics of pointers using C

Hardware requirements: Any CPU with Pentium Processor or similar, 256 MB RAM or more, 1 GB Hard Disk or more.

Software requirements:  Windows 64 bit / Ubuntu 14 Operating System

  • For Windows OS: MS office 2010 or later, TurboC, JDK1.6 or later,  Netbeans 8.2, Mingw, MSYS1.0 or later
  • For Ubuntu OS: Open Office, gcc compiler, JDK1.6 or later,  Netbeans 8.2, Mingw, MSYS1.0 or later

List of Experiment:

  1. Write algorithm and draw flowchart of given problem.
  2. Developing and Analyzing Google Forms
  3. Developing and Analyzing Google Docs and using Google drive
  4. Customizing quick access tool bar for excel, Working with spreadsheet shortcuts
  5. Working with various excel formulas and functions
  6. Inserting shapes and images in spreadsheet
  7. Creating charts in excel
  8. Creating and validating lists, Creating spreadsheet using template
  9. Creating and using PivotTables and PivotCharts and Creating and using PivotTables and PivotCharts, importing data from external sources to spreadsheet
  10. Demonstration of data types and arithmetic operators in C.
  11. Demonstrate ternary operator and if-else
  12. Demonstrate decision control structure using if-else-if ladder and switch statement
  13. Demonstrate different types of looping statements
  14. Demonstrate Nested Loop
  15. Demonstrate 1-D Array
  16. Demonstrate 2-D Array