Embedded Operating Systems

Course Objectives:

  • To Learn the Concepts of Embedded Systems processors and Operating System.
  • Develop ability to use Embedded Operating utilities in Embedded Linux.

Course Outcomes:

After completion of the course, Students will be able to
  • understand basics of Operating Systems and describe concepts of real time operating system.
  • understand concepts of embedded devices and develop an application using Beagle Bone-Black and ARM.
  • analyze embedded Linux system initialization, embedded development environment
  • design device driver and demonstrate file system commands.
  • resolve problems in embedded Linux and develop applications by interfacing stepper motor with embedded system.
  • illustrate embedded android system and study various embedded android applications.

Topics Covered :

  1. Introduction : 
  2. Concept of ARM Processor : 
  3. Embedded Linux kernel : 
  4. Device Driver and MTD Sub-System : 
  5. Embedded Linux Debugging : 
  6. Embedded Android System : 

Online Reference :

Reference Books :

Special Mention : I would like to thank my colleague and friend Prof. Meghana  Lokhande for her help and support while developing course material of the subject.