Database Management Systems

Prerequisites Courses : Discrete Mathematics,  Data Structures

Course Contents

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Database Management Systems
    • Purpose of Database Systems
    • Database-System Applications
    • View of Data
    • Database Languages
    • Database System Structure
    • Data Models
    • Database Design and ER Model: Entity, Attributes, Relationships, Constraints, Keys,  Design Process
    • Entity Relationship Model, ER Diagram
    • Design Issues, Extended E-R Features
    • converting E-R & EER diagram into tables
    • SQL: Characteristics and advantages
    • SQL Data Types and Literals
    • DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, SQL Operators
    • Tables: Creating, Modifying, Deleting
    • Views: Creating, Dropping, Updating using Views
    • Indexes
    • SQL DML Queries: SELECT Query and clauses
    • Set Operations, Predicates and Joins, Set membership, Tuple Variables, Set comparison, Ordering of Tuples
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Nested Queries
    • Database Modification using SQL Insert, Update and Delete Queries
    • PL/SQL: concept of Stored Procedures & Functions
    • Cursors, Triggers, Assertions
    • roles and privileges
    •  Embedded SQL, Dynamic SQL
  • Relational Database Design
    • Relational Model: Basic concepts, Attributes and Domains
    • CODD’s Rules
    • Relational Integrity: Domain
    • Referential Integrity
    • Enterprise Constraints
    • Database Design: Features of Good Relational Designs
    • Normalization, Atomic Domains and First Normal Form
    • Decomposition using Functional Dependencies, Algorithms for Decomposition
    • 2NF, 3NF, BCNF
    • Modeling Temporal Data
  • Database Transactions and Query Processing
    • Basic concept of a Transaction
    • Transaction Management
    • Properties of Transactions
    • Concept of Schedule
    • Serial Schedule
    • Serializability: Conflict and View
    • Cascaded Aborts, Recoverable and Non-recoverable Schedules
    • Concurrency Control: Need, Locking Methods
    • Deadlocks, Time-stamping Methods
    • Recovery methods : Shadow-Paging and Log-Based Recovery
    • Checkpoints
    • Query Processing, Query Optimization, Performance Tuning
  • Parallel and Distributed Databases
    • Introduction to Database Architectures: Multi-user DBMS Architectures
    • Case study- Oracle Architecture
    • Parallel Databases: Speedup and Scale up
    • Architectures of Parallel Databases
    • Distributed Databases: Architecture of Distributed Databases
    • Distributed Database Design
    • Distributed Data Storage
    • Distributed Transaction: Basics, Failure modes
    • Commit Protocols, Concurrency Control in Distributed Database
  • NoSQL Database
    • Introduction to NoSQL Database
    • Types and examples of NoSQL Database- Key value store, document store, graph
    • Performance, Structured verses unstructured data
    • Distributed Database Model
    • CAP theorem and BASE Properties
    • Comparative study of SQL and NoSQL
    • NoSQL Data Models
    • Case Study-unstructured data from social media
    • Introduction to Big Data
    • HADOOP: HDFS, MapReduce

Text Book PPT:

PPT of Silberschatz A., Korth H., Sudarshan S., “Database System Concepts”, McGraw Hill Publishers, ISBN 0-07-120413-X, 6th edition

Text Book Solution:

Solution of Silberschatz A., Korth H., Sudarshan S., “Database System Concepts”, McGraw Hill Publishers, ISBN 0-07-120413-X, 6th edition

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