Prog Lab -I Manual (Database Management System & Applications)


List of Experiment

Assignments Group A (Mandatory)

  1. DBMS using connections(Client-Data sever, two tier) Oracle/MySQL (ODBC/JDBC), SQL prompt to create data base tables insert, update data values, delete table, use table, select queries with/without where clause.
  2. DBMS using connections(Client-application server-Data sever, three tier) Oracle/MySQL (ODBC/JDBC), SQL Joints, prompt.
  3. Design and Develop SQL DDL statements which demonstrate the use of SQL objects such as Table, View , Index using Client-Data sever(two tier).

Assignments Group B (Any Six Assignments, All assignments to be covered in a Batch)

  1. Design at least 10 SQL queries for suitable database application using SQL DML statements: Insert, Select, Update, Delete Clauses using distinct, count, aggregation on Client-Data sever(three tier)
  2. Implement database with suitable example using MongoDB and implement all basic operations and administration commands using two tier architecture.
  3. Use MongoDB to process semi structured and unstructured data collections such as Rfid, images, blogs use python/Java MongoDB interface.
  4. Write an python/Java application using MongoDB to maintain the blog for composing the blog consists of text columns, images and videos also calculate the hit or users visited by drawing 2D graphs.
  5. Write a program using MongoDB to compose a web news-letter consisting of videos, images, text use python MongoDB interface.
  6. Aggregation and indexing with suitable example using MongoDB.
  7. Map reduce operation with suitable example using MongoDB.
  8. Indexing and querying with MongoDB using suitable example.
  9. Connectivity with MongoDB using any Java application.
  10. Using MongoDB create a database of employee performance, employee attendance on the workstation. Perform statistical analysis for the results of the products produced by employees rated as passed ok, damaged products ( 5 samples per batch size 1000) and the portion covered in the training and absentee of the employees during training. Use programming language R. (or R-Python/R-Java) or equivalent assignment using R Programming Language for BiGDATA computing.

Assignment Group C: Advance Technology Assignments 

BIG DATA applications using Blogs