Computer Programming

Pre-requisites Courses : 

  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software
  • Basic understanding of working of computer

Course Curriculum Contents

  • Fundamentals of Computer : Computer Basics, Input/Output Units, Computer Memory, Computer Generations and Classifications, Distributed Computer System, Parallel Computer System; Algorithms and Flowcharts in programming language
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel: Introduction to Excel Interface, Customizing  Quick Access Toolbar, Understanding Structure of Excel Workbook, Common Excel Shortcuts; Entering and Editing Text and Formulas, Working with Basic Excel Functions, Inserting Images and Shapes into an Microsoft Excel Workbook(Reference book – T2)
  • More about Microsoft Excel: Creating Charts in Excel, Working with Excel Templates, Working with an Excel List, Creating a Validation List, Importing and Exporting Data, Excel PivotTables, Working with Large Sets of Excel Data(Reference book – T2)
  • Introduction to C Programming:  Fundamentals of programming language; Basics of C Programming: Constants, Variables and Keywords, Types of C Variables, Operators in C; C Instructions : Type Declaration Instruction, Arithmetic Instruction, The Decision Control Structure : if Statement, if-else Statement, Use of Logical and Conditional Operators, switch statement (Reference book – T3)
  • Loops and Arrays: Loop Control Structure, while Loop,  for Loop, do – while Loop, break statement, continue statement, Arrays, Array Initialization, 1-D and 2-D Array((Reference book – T3)
  • Question Bank – Module I to V

Text Books

Reference Books