Computer Laboratory II

Reference Program This link includes all programs for below mentioned assignments.

Reference Question for CLII Oral – SSDA

Reference Question for CLII Oral – PC


  1. Implementation of any 2 uninformed search methods with some application.
  2. Implement A* approach for any suitable application.
  3. Implementation of Unification algorithm
  4. Implement Naive Bayes to predict the work type for a person with following parameters: age: 30, Qualication: M Tech, Experience: 8
  5. Pizza shop chain wants to automate dishes served with schemes or without scheme and delivered by the nearest shop in a chain. Use pervasive computing para-dime to develop a web-application using Embedded Java/ Python/ Scala so that the order be delivered to the customer within 10 minutes. Use XML/JSON to store the data.
  6. Implementation of MiniMax approach for TIC-TAC-TOE using Java/ Scala/ Python-Eclipse Use GUI Player X and Player O are using their mobiles for the play. Refresh the screen after the move for both the players.
  7. Implementation of a simple NN for any suitable application
  8. Developing an book recommend-er ( a book that the reader should read and is new) Expert system or (any other).
  9. Implement k-means for clustering data of children belonging to different age groups to perform some specific activities. Formulate the Feature vector for following parameters:  i. height     ii. weight       iii. age     iv. IQ
    Formulate the data for 40 children to form 3 clusters.
  10. In a rolling display program of news display on a smart TV or Computer Display the input strings are supplied by the mobile phone. Develop necessary app using Scala/ Python/ Java/ C++.
  11. Write a program to Smart Watch App Development with Tizen. Objective of this assignment is to design simple comic app with the Tizen SDK for Wearable and run it on the smart watch emulator that comes bundled with the IDE.
  12. Develop a POP for scheduling your higher studies exam. Assume suitable data like college submission schedule, college exams, Constraint that a paper publication is must to appear before the exam, a family function at home and so on.
  13. Write a program to perform prole translation-based proactive adaptation using context management in smartphones. Objective of this assignment is to automatically generates user’s prole according to the scenarios using machine learning approaches. System should allow to keep user’s full prole in user domain resulting into centralizing or exchanging the prole information with increase in the consistency of prole information.Write a program to build smart mobile app for context management. Objective of this assignment is to build a smart app form smart phone which can sense some parameters of the user and convert this parameters into some contextual information in order to do the context management. Write a program to build smart mobile app for user profiling. Objective of this assignment is to develop smart mobile app which can create user proles based on their preferences so that smart recommendations cab be provided at run time.

Special Mention : I would like to thank my colleague and friend Prof. Shweta Koparde for her help and support while developing course material of the subject.