CP Lab – Experiment 13


Aim:  Demonstrate different types of looping statements

Objectives:  Learn, Understand and Demonstrate looping statements

Hardware requirements: Any CPU with Pentium Processor or similar, 256 MB RAM or more, 1 GB Hard Disk or more.

Software requirements:  Windows 64 bit Operating System, compatible gcc compiler, Netbeans 8.0 or later, jdk 1.6 or later, TurboC compiler



Exercise: Write a program in C to

  1. Display Fibonacci Sequence using for loop
  2. Check Whether a Number is Palindrome or Not using while loop
  3. Check Whether a Number is Prime or Not using while loop
  4. Make a Simple Calculator and perform operation based on user choice and repeat operations till user enters ‘N’. (Use do-while).
  5. Count Number of ‘9’ in given number.


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